Diving Grand Cayman in 1973


Narrated by Lloyd Bridges, SCUBA features Grand Cayman underwater in 1973

Long time friend and fellow diver Brooks Fleig shot a film in 1972 on Grand Cayman entitled SCUBA. The film featured diving in the Cayman Islands, Dominica, and Jamaica. Narrated by Llyod Bridges, SCUBA was intended to introduce the world to recreational diving. At this point, all diving movies had shown scuba diving as a very manly, dangerous sport. It was his intention to show the world that anyone, even his beautiful young wife Kit was capable of participating in this unique underwater sport. Brooks was approached repeatedly by his investors to add knife fights and other “ridiculous behavior” such as having the girls sunbathing nude on the film to increase ticket sales of SCUBA. Brooks stood his ground and released SCUBA as he had originally planned it, a good family-friendly adventure diving in the Caribbean and showing the sport in a new relaxing light.
Unfortunately, Brooks passed away in 2011. He was an avid diver, diving with his wife Kit for many years in the Cayman Islands until his illness would no longer allow.
Brooks Fleig was indeed a true SCUBA diving pioneer.

The video below is a window into the history of diving in the Cayman Islands. Although times have changed, our love of adventure and exploration remains the same.