Two Tank Boat Trip

Two Tank Boat Trip

Our Dive Boat

Join our daily scuba diving trips in Grand Cayman! We offer 2-tank dives daily. Set sail from our private beach, situated mid Seven Mile Beach, a stone’s throw from your hotel or condo. Departures are at 7:15 AM for the morning dive and 12:45 PM for the afternoon session.
Morning enthusiasts can experience the depth of Grand Cayman waters with a deep dive (max 100ft) and a shallow dive (max 60 ft). These are best suited for certified divers familiar with wall and deep dives. If you’re a newbie, returning to the sport, or just fancy a longer underwater exploration, request a double shallow dive (max 60 ft). The morning group returns by 11:00 AM, and the afternoon divers by 4:00 PM, making it effortless to schedule your holiday activities.
Experience seamless scuba diving in Grand Cayman without the hassle of driving on unfamiliar roads. Our cordial team ensures you’re transported from your hotel or condo to the spectacular Ambassador Beach. Our vessel, the Juggernaut, awaits you, surrounded by serene blue waters. Many of our dive sites in Grand Cayman are a brief 10-15-minute journey, and with your gear set up in advance, all you need to do is gear up and plunge!
With an impressive 365 dive sites around Grand Cayman, we promise a diverse selection for divers of all expertise levels. Dive deep, glide through, explore wrecks, and witness mesmerising reefs. Whether you’re a novice trying Discover Scuba or a seasoned Dive Master, our diving trips offer captivating sights for everyone. Dive in groups of up to 12 people, fostering camaraderie and shared experiences.
Dive sites aren’t predetermined, as we prioritize safety, considering water conditions, weather, and mooring ball availability. However, your preferences matter! Feel free to request specific sites, and we’ll endeavor to anchor there first. Embark on an enthralling scuba diving adventure with us across the North, West, and South of Grand Cayman and craft your unique diving tale!


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