Dive Rates

Dive rates

for Equipment Rentals & Recreational Diving

From beginners to continuing education, from certified divers to snorkelers of all ages we have tours and packages for all of your diving and snorkeling needs.

Diving Rates

  • 2 Tank Dive $150.00
  • Two 2 Tank Dives $300.00
  • Three 2 Tank Dives $450.00
  • Four 2 Tank Dives $520.00
  • 3 Stop Stingray City Snorkel Tour $75.00
  • Discover Scuba Diving (incl 1 boat dives) $250.00
  • Discover Scuba Diving(incl 2 boat dives) $300.00

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Equipments Rentals

  • BCD $15.00
  • Regulator $15.00
  • Mask/Snorkel $10.00
  • Wetsuit – 2mm Shorty $10.00
  • Full package $35.00
  • Fins $10.00


  • E-Learning - Pool 1-5 and Dives 1-4 $500.00
  • Referral Dives (4 dives) (Open Water) $450.00
  • Refresher 2 Tank $250.00
  • Advanced Open Water $420.00
  • Rescue Diver $450.00
  • Divemaster $800.00
  • Specialties Per Dive $100.00
  • Repeat Discover 2 Boat Dive $150.00

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Grand Cayman Dive Package

Welcome to Ambassador Divers, Grand Cayman’s premier valet dive operator! Enjoy diving with our small team of highly experienced instructors. We have been providing unparalleled Grand Cayman SCUBA Diving services since 1990 and would love to show you around our picturesque Grand Cayman dive sites.

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