Discovery Scuba Diving

Discovery Scuba diving

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Upgrade your snorkeling, and become one with the fishes! The introductory discover scuba diving program is for those who don’t have enough time on your holiday to get fully certified but still want the chance to see the beautiful reefs Cayman is known for! A no stress – complimentary pool lesson lets you determine if this is the sport for you!

With your instructor, learn the basic theory behind diving; from pressure effects to communicating underwater. Giant stride into the pool right behind the shop and learn the 3 most common and important skills to make your dive a successful one. Loved the pool? It gets better! Join us on the afternoon dive boat from 12:30-4:00 pm daily for two dives. Limited to 40ft your only job is to breathe, kick, and enjoy yourself! We’ll take care of the rest! Experience something new and exciting and what most people can only dream about with Discover Scuba Diving today!

PADI Medical Form required

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