a. No, there is a deep site that certified divers can visit. However, we feel the interaction of the sandbar is far greater and much more fun to do as a snorkeling site.

a. No, although they are wild animals they are used to human interaction. Some of them even recognize the guides that visit them daily and develop a personal connection to them.

a. Yes, he was in a tragic accident. And by a Bull Ray. That species does not reside in the Caribbean. The only rays at the Sand bar are the Southern Caribbean Stingrays

a. No. The sandbar is in waist height deep water so it’s fully accessible for children, elderly and non-swimmers. We do recommend for the snorkeling tour that you wear a life vest for your comfort and safety if you are not water savvy.

a. We have a staff member that is able to join your tour and take pictures of your family professionally upon request for a fee. Elsewise our Captains are happy to take on that role with your iPhone

a. Towel, reef friendly sunscreen, hat, sunglasses

a. Mask, Snorkel, fins and fresh water

a. Yes! We encourage people to relax and enjoy themselves. Snacks and other liquid libations are welcome, please no glass containers though.

a. Yes. Children 5 and under are free of charge.

a. Yes. Minimum age for children is 2 years old and for all minors – a parent/ guardian must be with them at all time in the boat and in the water. There is no maximum age to participate. It all comes down to being able bodied enough to be able to climb up a ladder to get out of the ocean at the end of each stop.

a. Yes, we have children’s masks and fins for even the smallest of feet.

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