Night Dives

Night Diving

Night diving in the Cayman Islands is spectacular! All of the ‘daytime’ fish sneak into the reef for a snooze while the night creatures are out foraging. Look for lobsters, crab, shrimp and octopus to name a few!

During the day the sun shines and lights your way around the reef, giving you the ability to see as far as the visibility will let you. It’s a funny thing that you don’t realize how much light you have and take for granted until you take the plunge and dive at night. As the sun sets, watch as the day time creatures find their beds and are replaced by the nocturnal life if the sea. Armed with your underwater torch, be amazed at the variety of species that only come out at night. The reefs crawl with Spotted lobsters as the Parrot fish are tucked away in their cocoons. Shine your light onto the reefs and see dozens of tiny little red eyes staring back at you. Although that sounds like something from a horror novel, diving at night is a very peaceful and quiet experience. There is not a big set of teeth hiding behind you, but some of the fish will use your light to hunt with the sneaky buggers!

As the sun begins its decent we make our way down to Macabuca Bar and Grill on the North west corner of the island for the shore entry site of our night dive. Done as a 60ft mini wall profile, it offers divers a plethora of options for checking out the points where the reef meets the wall where the Octopus like to hang out, float along the wall and catch a glimpse of a Spotted moray eel, or flutter about at the precipice and maybe even see a turtle going in for a late night snack. The colour on the reef absolutely pops at night. During the day the deeper you go the more the colour palate is diminished; reds slowly turn to browns, but at night, with your torch at the ready, you immediately introduce a light source and the oranges are vibrant, and the purples and greens are electric!

Night dives come highly recommended and are scheduled by request.

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