Stingray City History

A little bit of Stingray City History:

In the past, the area now known today as Stingray City used to be a place that local fishermen would return to at the end of their tours to clean their catch in calm and shallow waters. Fish guts and bycatch like squid would simply be disposed overboard. So, one theory why so many Southern Stingrays gather here is that they were simply attracted by some easy and free-of-charge food to be found around the sand bars. Over time, the Stingrays learned the fishing boats to be the source of thefeast, and would start to react to the sound of the engines of approaching boats.

Over the years they have become accustomed to humans and are more than willingto dance in the water with you, some are quite photogenic! Did you know its 7 yearsgood luck if you kiss a sting ray and they kiss you back!

One of the main questions we get asked is are they dangerous? What about Steve Irwin? Where yes the wildlife enthusiast was killed by a Bull Ray we do not have thatspecies here in the Caribbean. And where yes, they do have a barb as they are wild animals, they have become very docile over the years and now quite enjoy getting their bellies rubbed. With tagging missions from Guy Harvey we know that over 120+ sting rays gather here year round some that can get as large as 5 feet wide! We call her Big Moma!

Our tour is small and personalized, making it one of the more unique ways to experience these incredible creatures. Our captains are passionate about the conservation and treatment of the rays, many guests call this the best tour on the island with Ambassador Divers!

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