Open Water Certification

Open Water Certification


So you’re ready to become an independent diver? Your PADI Open Water course is the best place to start and can be finished in just two days on island! It begins with a thorough knowledge development from PADI and can be purchased directly online at PADI.COM. Your eLearning is completed in the comfort of your home at your own pace. Once completed you will sign up for both your pool and open water sessions. Over two days of morning classes you will be in the pool with your instructor building the foundation of skills and diving mechanics. In the afternoons, test your skills at depth and enjoy the underwater tours provided.


Looking to save some time on holiday? Free up your mornings by signing up for the Referral Open Water course. Complete all the theory and pool skills with your local home shop first, then book your check out dive and 4 open water dives (2 days PM only) and achieve your first certification of Open Water diver! Course always includes all required gear and a log book for future dives!

Join us on the dive boat for the rest of your holiday and enjoy a discounted student rate.
PADI Medical form required.

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