Free Diving

Free Diving

Freediving is a journey inward. To see your potential, what you are made of and perhaps the most serene interaction between man and water – no tanks and bulky gear just the silence beneath the waves. For many, freediving grants them an inner peace and a feeling of ultimate connection that you are one with the underwater world and all its inhabitants. While it may seem extreme to challenge yourself to hold your breath and dive, for most divers, they would consider it the exact opposite. As you begin to breathe up your heart rate slows and a sense of purpose and calmness comes over you, relaxing the mind as you explore the underwater world.

Freediving can be for everyone, you don’t need any experience, but already knowing how to swim is a must! With courses like introductory snorkelling, and being a safe buddy, know that there are aspects to this sport that are for everyone. As your confidence grows challenge yourself with depth and time. As you progress through the water, you understand more of yourself and what you can discover about your own potential. Our partnership with Performance Freediving International trains you to the safest standards in the industry. They have trained the likes of Tom Cruise, James Cameron, David Blaine and numerous Red Bull extreme athletes, and you could add your name to that list.

Your safety is the utmost importance. During every dive an instructor will be within 5m/ 15ft of you at all times, giving you a relaxed and safe environment to train. Be coached through your course training through classroom, pool and open water sessions with the calm, relaxed confident state of mind that is conveyed throughout all of our teachings.

“Freediving has been incredibly rewarding for me. With each goal I meet I can’t wait to challenge myself and set new ones. Finding an inner peace, strength and stubbornness in me, has helped me excel and want to pursue it all the more” – Teighan Fioritti PFI Instructor

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