Cayman Dive Sites

Cayman Dive Sites

Grand Cayman diving is top in the world. With its turquoise waters, ultra-clear year round visibility and low currents the diving is as relaxing as it is beautiful. The variety of Grand Cayman Island dive sites provides us with year round comfortable diving and offers divers a plethora of different opportunities to experience the underwater scene. With lots of opportunities for shore and boat diving, we can proudly boast the 365 site challenge. One dive site for every day of the year! Givingour dives the chance to never hit the same site twice. With the Cayman Trench being the third deepest in the world, the wall sites offer up a variety of swim through opportunities, an abundance of coral life and marine activity. As the wall comes up to meet the sand, watch the conch traverse the open plateaus and the eagle rays looking for their snack. The selection of shallow sites allows even the newest of divers to feel at ease and experience colourful corals and personalities of the fish.

The Juggernauts’ unique ability to load both from the dock and from the beach, giveus the best possible site locations to launch from. We have access to the North, West and South dive sites and can offer the best variety to our divers. Even for those just wanting to snorkel we can pick the best sites with great vertical visibility giving everyone the opportunity to splash with the fishes!

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