Rescue Diver

Rescue Diver

It’s serious fun! The rescue course begins to train the diver out of the “what am I doing” mentality, to looking at others into the “what are they doing?”. Taking the focus off the individual and being able to recognize telltale distress signs underwater that can allow you to be a proactive diver. You will never dive the same way again.
Being certified in Emergency First response is the first step. Primary and Secondary care skills and task management are covered in both on land and in water scenarios. Must have certification within the last 24 months.
The Rescue eLearning theory can be found online at and must be completed prior to course start. At a 2:1 instructor ratio, enjoy a personalized learning experience to make sure you are the most confident and ready for any possible outcome. A full day in the pool will teach you the coping skills necessary to help a panicked diver at the surface, how to surface a diver from depth and how to provide rescue breaths while removing them from the water, to name a few. Test the well learned pool skills in open water over another afternoon of diving and have a hands-on experience of being a rescue diver. Course includes all gear required, course time 1.5 – 2.5 days pending on student prerequisite and mastery of skills.

PADI Medical Form Required
Must be Advanced Open Water Diver certified (minimum 20 logged dives)
Must be EFR certified within past 24 months

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