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Located directly behind the barrier reef in the north sound, Stingray City sits tucked away, sheltered from the sometimes rough waves on the north wall. Legend has it, Stingray City was started years ago by local fisherman. After a long day at sea, this was often the first place they could find calm water. While they enjoyed their break from the rough water, the fisherman would clean their catch discarding the unwanted parts into the sea below. Before long, stingrays began to congrigate in anticipation of this almost daily afternoon feeding and so was born, Stingray City! Get ready for the most interactive dive you will ever do! Drop down into 15 feet of water and play with our Southern Stingrays. These critters are always happy to see us and happen to love the snacks we bring for them. Also our resident Green Moray eel may make and appearance along with a plethora of colorful reef fish! This is an absolutely amazing experience and one you should not miss! Cayman SCUBA Diving at it's finest!