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Grand Cayman Scuba Diving Boats

This is it! The absolute most comfortable dive boat in the Cayman Islands and the latest addition to our fleet! Designed locally, Juggernaut starts with a Chris Craft Aquahome houseboat hull and is powered by a total of 600 hp of quiet Suzuki four stroke power.
Our original dive boat is a 28' 1999 2830XL made by Parker who produces high quality hand made fibreglass boat hulls. Parker boats was established in the 1960's and are known for their stable, sturdy hulls and spacious decks. We take a maximum of 8 divers aboard to ensure plenty of space and small groups in the water.
Our Anna Capri is a custom made hand laid fibreglass hull powered by a 225 hp Suzuki making this our fastest dive and snorkel boat! This 1985 vessel has an interesting history in Grand Cayman as she was a part of one of Cayman's original dive operations Parrot's Landing. This boat was designed for big water.