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North Side Grand Cayman Dive Sites

The North Wall of Grand Cayman is a world class spectacular sheer drop off boasting fabulous sponge and coral life as a backdrop to the other reef residents. Commonly spotted in the deep cobalt blue waters are eagle rays flying in ‘fighter jet’ formation of up to seven animals. This is also the most likely location to spot a shark and is home to a myriad of other critters including turtles, lobster, eels, octopus and a vast variety of fish from tiny to huge! Stare into the abyss below as you hover along the side of the wall – you feel as though you are flying! As you roll over and gaze upwards you will see the abundant reef fish backlit by sunshine and silhouetted at the top of the precipice awaiting your return to the shallows. Once you move up to the top of the wall to complete your multi-level profile make sure to check under ledges and coral heads for hiding animals – you never know what you might find. As you hover at your safety stop remember to keep looking down as the parade of wildlife will continue to entertain you as you wait to return to gravity!


Most days on the North side you will dive the ‘top of the wall’ as your second/shallow dive. This affords more opportunity to encounter large pelagics once again and enjoy the view of the drop-off from the top. In addition there are some shallow reef sites known for large turtles and lovely macro life. Expect to move slowly and search for tiny animals like anemone shrimp, decorator crabs and leopard flatworms to name a few! The slower you cruise, the more little creatures will appear right before your eyes!


Diving Cayman's North Wall is typically done in the summer months and is just a short ride from our convenient location at the Comfort Suites Resort, right next door to the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort. Enjoy the best Grand Cayman dive sites with Ambassador Divers!


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