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Located in the southwestern caribbean, Grand Cayman is the largest island of the  three Cayman Islands. Rising from depths as deep as 23 thousand feet, Grand Cayman is a pinnacle surrounded by nothing but blue clear water. This is one of many factors that makes diving Grand Cayman so spectacular. The deep walls of Grand Cayman typically start around 55 feet with the shallow reefs starting in as little as 10 feet of water. While there are a few wall dives accessible from shore, the majority of deep Grand Cayman dive sites are only reachable by boat. Exploring the deep walls and shallow reefs of Grand Cayman is made easy by a public mooring system. All of our dive sites Cayman Islands are marked by mooring lines, making for easy controlled ascents and descents. Ambassador Divers runs two dive trips daily. Most days are started by a deep wall dive followed by a shallow reef or wreck. Our afternoons are usually two shallow sites in less than 60 feet of water, however we do accommodate special requests.


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