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Cayman Islands | Jul 14 2016

The Cayman Islands are a spectacular place to visit, and should be on you ‘next trip’ list if you love diving. Known as one of the top scuba diving destinations by many sources, these islands can surely give you an experience of a lifetime worth remembering. People travel to the Cayman Islands strictly to dive and revolve their vacation around scuba diving because why not? Divers can choose from a variety of dive sites, 360 to be exact!
The water is crystal clear with 100 feet plus visibility. So, if you have a camera, get an underwater housing and bring it along. The Cayman Islands are actually known for the best wall diving in the world so be prepared for a welcoming encounter with the sea turtles, angel fish, lobsters, eels, groupers, parrot fish, and other schools of fish. Most dive sites are just minutes from the shore on our custom dive boat.
Grand Cayman is strict with reef conservation hence no one is allowed to touch or harm the marine life in any way. This gives photographers and videographers’ great opportunities to capture photos since the marine creatures are not afraid of divers, knowing they won’t be harmed. These reefs are unspoiled, which means you get to dive in the healthiest and virgin surroundings.  Experienced divers also have the option of deep wall diving.
Besides your diving adventure, seeing Stingray City is highly recommended. This means basically being surrounded by the large number of stingrays that flock to the area around this shallow sandbar. Always do your research and go with a reputable diving tour operator such as Ambassador Divers, a PADI 5 Star rated facility. There may be some requirements you may need to take care of before your arrival. Always have your Scuba gear serviced prior to arrival, this will avoid any unwanted delays in your diving holiday.
If you'd rather stay on the beach sunning yourself, there's no better place than the Seven Mile Beach. There are excellent snorkeling locations at both ends of Seven Mile, make sure and ask your dive guide where to go. Here, wade and swim in the clear water before choosing which bar or restaurant to spend the evening at.


Happy Diving!