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Change Your Latitude, Change Your Life!

Scuba Diving | Dec 10 2015

It's 6am, the alarm goes. After hitting snooze for the third time you crawl out of bed resigned to the idea of another long day at the office. Fast forward one month, the alarm goes, you jump out of bed, excited about the prospect of your internship program in the beautiful Cayman Islands.


While this may sound like some sort of pipe dream, it's actually easier than you might think. Oh yeah, and the training is almost free!


Ambassador Divers offers an professional scuba diving internship program with little cost to the candidate. Internships are a great way to get your feet wet in the dive industry while learning the day to day workings of a PADI 5 Star IDC facility.  This training is invaluable when looking for work in the industry and can give individuals a leg up on the competition.


Who can qualify for an internship?


Well, the answer is just about anyone! You don’t even need to be an open water certified diver. If your healthy, able to pass a basic psychical, and can swim, you qualify. For all entry level interns, we suggest completing the corresponding PADI Elearning program found here.


What will you need?


Well, let’s start with housing.


While the Cayman Islands are known for 100 foot visibility, vertical wall dives and cobalt blue water, we’re not known for cheap housing. There are however a few different options when it comes to affordable housing.

Treasure Island, located in the heart of 7 Mile Beach is available for 1000$ per month. This hotel might not be the nicest place to stay on the island, but it's close to everything and the price is right.


Eldemire’s Guest house in South Sound www.eldemire.com, is a small four unit inn with all the amenities need by and upcoming PADI dive professional. It’s a little off the beaten path but a great and affordable option nonetheless.


How long will this take?


Internship programs are custom tailored for each individual candidate. Obviously, if you're starting from Open Water and your goal is Divemaster, it’s going to take some time. Student divers starting with Advanced Open Water level certifications can expect to complete the process much faster.


What certifications can I achieve?


Ambassador Divers offers the majority of the PADI basic, advanced, and speciality certifications available today. In addition, we have the only PADI Lionfish spearing program offered in the Cayman Islands. Students are responsible for all PADI certification fees and student materials. For a list of PADI certification fees, click here.


Change your latitude, change your life!


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